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This is another aspect of my life and relationships, and a continuation of the story in last time’s blog. (Please read that one first if you missed it).

When my husband Peter died, I was in pieces, and according to my family, I had been going downhill for a couple of years. Anyone who has been a carer will have an understanding of the difficulties and the non-stop work. Even after he was in a care home, I had money worries and travel to visit him to add to my stress!

To keep him in a special Alzheimer’s place, I needed to top up the fees, as my coaching and therapy income was not enough, I had to take a job. That is how I became a professional Alzheimer’s carer; well, I had the skills and was emotionally well-equipped…I thought.

It was a relief for both of us when he died, it was expected but the heartbreak was something so devastating that it took the wind out of me and for a long time.  I was in deep grief and suffering from pangs of guilt, I had promised I would care for him, but then let him go into a home, which was not easy to deal with.

Anyway, life goes on and as Peter was twenty years older than me, we had talked often about life after…..and he wanted me to live my life to the full … He always said that I should find another man to love.

I understand love; we can love many, some more than others but rather like having children, we can love each one and our love doesn’t exclude any. Many loves in our lives enrich us and the world…there is no such thing as too much love!

After gently dipping my toes in water as mentioned in the last blog, I decided on a strategy and set up the Law of Attraction to help me out.

To utilise the law of attraction we must set out our needs in the form of requirements and the more detailed we get the better. So I wrote out what I wanted in a new man, but neglected to put a face or body on the request as I thought that would be a bit too much to ask for,  so I ended up the most amazing partner, but he was 6 foot 4 and with a beard…as I am only 5 foot and prefer clean-shaven men,  it was odd, but Hay Ho, I got everything else!

It is known to science that we get what we think about, it’s all to do with energy. So, we send out our thoughts in the form of vibration and they return to us with what we want. Be so careful about your thoughts, we really do get what we think about ……

If you are lonely because of bereavement, divorce or just fed up with being single, then my new program will help.  My unmissable Smarter Later Life Relationships Program   is designed to help both men and women and I use my experience and coaching skills to take your relationships to a new level of fulfilment.

There is also help for those in a relationship that seems to be going off key, maybe you want to stay with your partner but it’s not easy. The work I have done and continue to do in relationship coaching for many clients will work for you. As you can see, I have many of the experiences that you have so I know how to help you through….it’s a bit of a joke but my men have been divorced, died and died,,, not quite Henry Vlll but for me, the first was the father of my children and loved deeply for a time, the two that have died have been amazing loving people and are sadly so missed. You can love again, it’s important to remember that….

Diane – still grieving but living and loving life as best I can

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