Mental health and gut reaction!

by | Oct 21, 2022 | blessings

It was World Mental Health Day a few days ago and I wrote on my Facebook post that of course, we need to be aware of this and support people who may be suffering from any kind of mental health issues.

But I often wonder if this is a relatively new occurrence or if are we more aware of it because it is discussed and talked about much more these days.  I know it has always been around and mostly not addressed at the time very well for many years. I have been depressed and still get days when I feel under pressure and anxiety takes over, but I tend to think that that is life, and just get on with it.

The thing is, I know there are ways we can help ourselves and stop getting into such depressive states and it is healing with our food. When we eat fresh, local and in season our bodies respond by delivering our gut with the right nutrients; the gut is responsible for your emotional mental health.

When we disconnect, by eating food that is hardly natural and then expect our bodies and minds to be good and not complain, we are hoping for miracles. When I trained as a Nutritionist the definitive link between food and our gut/mental health was not known, but science has caught up, and now we know.  A well-balanced diet of whole foods, mostly unrefined grains, legumes, and vegetables increase our overall health and especially our gut (therefore mental) health.

Here is some research from the internet…..

“Supporting our gut health is important for a handful of reasons. For one, our gut contains the enteric nervous system that’s commonly referred to as “the second brain.” Our gut is also responsible for producing 90 per cent of serotonin, which is a mood-stabilizing hormone commonly referred to as the “happiness hormone.” It doesn’t stop there—Uma Naidoo, MD, a Harvard-trained nutritional psychiatrist, professional chef, nutritional biologist, and author of the national bestseller, ‘This is Your Brain on Food’ shares that the bacteria in our gut can support vitamin production, hormone production, sleep and circadian rhythm, infection control, our mental health, and more.”

You are the one who creates your thoughts and mostly there is no need to feel depressed or have worries and anxiety. What if you are really OK anyway? Worry need only arise when there is real fear of the unknown, life and death for instance, then you get a real gut reaction, but understanding the difference is not easy. That is where I come in, I can teach you how to manage your emotions before they manage you

Well, what more can I say, apart from, eat well and your mind, body and spirit will thank you ….and contact me for a free confidential chat any time…

Diane – with blessings and love



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