Rotten weather, so memories of Kenya?

by | Jan 14, 2021 | a spiritual life

My spirit is in ‘The Field’ today, dreaming of things I am not able to do right now…..

It’s dark, damp and foggy and that this makes me long for the January’s in Kenya that I been privileged to experience over the last seven years.

Even though I feel the loss, travel was already getting a little tiring. It’s a long haul to East Africa and then after we get established in our ‘home from home’ we make plans to go on Safari, sometime two long ones and a short trip somewhere local. So, we rest, we meetup with our friends on the beach, our taxi driver, and our most favourite place to go The Maasai Mara and Ashnils Camp/Hotel, We fly there on a small aircraft passed Kilimanjaro and it bumps down at various camps before ours.……. After all that adventure we then come home, rest up for February and then it’s spring….a new start to the year and we missed some of the bad weather!

Maybe next January if we are both still fit enough to travel, and our destination is free of covid. We will always make the effort to go, we are very aware of the poverty the lack of tourists has created. So many are reliant on the tourist trade, it means many are out of work. No work equals no money and the equates to no food. If you feel like donating look this one up

Yes I did take these photos, even the Rhino….we looked every year to see one, then in 2018 I got this picture and only last year we saw a family of three, but too far away for my camera.

I hope one day to be back among the people who smile in Kenya.

Back to the present and gratitude for what I have, what I have experienced and what is still to come…

Happy days….blessings and please help Kenya if you can

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