Self-control is emotional mastery!

by | Jan 22, 2023 | a spiritual life

Being disciplined is all about self-control. Do you have self-control? Are you able to do things without being sidetracked? For instance, can you keep your home tidy without much effort? Can you find the time to meditate or work on your personal development? Do you have time to read books that will teach you something?

We are all weak; there are times when the pull of social media takes me away from the task I was on…..that is a lack of control over my actions.

There are times when I have no recall of the conversation I have just had with a rather boring neighbour, which is a lack of control over what I wish to hear and the people I wish to associate with.

That does not mean that we never pursue social media or that we don’t talk with people who we may see as boring! What it does mean is that we must learn how to prioritise, and how to manage our time so we have more not less. More time and less stress!

When we organise our day, we can fit in the things we know are good for us and stop doing things that waste our time and energy.

Becoming more ordered in our daily work will lift depression and make life more manageable. Ordered is the opposite of chaotic, and muddled, but does not include the flights of fancy, taking calculated risks and accepting random invitations for happy times.

But without some control, our days become shambolic and stressful.

This is self-mastery, without it you are pulled by wants not needs, people who take up your time for no purpose and you have less time to give love and kindness to yourself and others.

What happens when we are not disciplined?

Lack of self-control may lead to outbursts of anger, and feelings of resentment when we are unable to use control as a means of living our lives in harmony with others.

Obviously, lack of willpower can lead to addictions and addictive behaviour, for instance, one too many drinks at the bar, or the inability to give up cigarettes or drugs.

If we get depressed it’s not usually due to a lack of willpower and energy, but having an ordered life certainly helps to guard against it and supports most people to come out of it sooner.

When we see our lives in a mess this becomes our thoughts and emotions, when we feel we lack, when everyone else has lots, we Increase our poverty and have constant feelings of neediness.

Having little discipline also creates an increase in levels of illness, due to any of the above so maybe it’s time to get this sorted out.

The good news is.. you can learn how to be organised and gain control over your life.  Start now with a few small routines that you can do every day, for instance….

  • When you wake up, before you get out of bed, take a few moments to think of all the things for which you are grateful.
  • Try and do something for your partner/colleague or friend that they would not expect. You too will gain.
  • When you have something in your hand you no longer require, instead of putting it down, put it away, that keeps your place tidy will little effort.

We can all improve our lives with some care and attention and loving ourselves and our surroundings is the best way to start. Start the improved you now, keep it up and see how your mind feels less stressed and your body less tired.

Be proud of yourself with each small effort and the picture in your mind will become clearer and happier.

Contact me for a chat to see if, with support, you can gain the willpower to change and have a better and happier life.

Diane – loving and caring for everything and everyone

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