Today is amazing – I am a Great Grandmother Again!

by | Dec 12, 2020 | a spiritual life


My family seem to be building a football team; I have two sons and a daughter.

My eldest son has two boys, his eldest son now has two boys…that’s a lot of lads!

And more children to have children…I am awed by generations passed and now I have helped to create yet another generation.

My first Grandson Ethan was born two years ago, and Harry was born yesterday 11th December, his father’s birthday is today, the 12th and it was thought they would share the day but no, Harry was born at 11 .50 pm, ten minutes short…and all is well.

What these small children will have to face is daunting, well it is to me. I see so much that is wrong in the world. As you may have read from previous posts, I am anxious about the climate, Brexit and the total lack of care for the poor. How my ‘team of boys’ will manage all this as they grow will have to be seen, as I may not be here to see them into adulthood.

If I live to be 96 Harry will be 20, so there is a possibility and I work hard at being here as long as possible, I have still so much to do.

Families can be amazing and also dreadful, we can all be happy and loving, but then unthinking and neglectful. We all can change in an instant and this what we have to guard against…the unpredictable, making another person’s life difficult and unhappy.

Today I feel blessed and truly at one with my family …I wish you a blessed and compassionate day when you read this. Di

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