Watch the gulls and be amazed…

by | Nov 20, 2020 | a spiritual life

Today I sat by the balcony door at 6am mediating and watched the early signs of light appear on the horizon, a definite chill in the air but that is better than rain.

The wind has died down, the sea is calm again so there are fishing boats in the bay, I could see the twinkling lights. The come from Newhaven (East) and Brighton (West), we are in the middle with no quay, so no fishing fleet, the sea bumps straight into the cliffs…

The sun rose behind the thick cloud and eventually there was enough light to see colour in the sky and I could hear the herring gulls waking up and starting their first ariel dance day of the day, screeching as they do, which irritates John and comforts me…strange how sound affects us.

It could be because I am getting a bit deaf and Johns hearing is still amazing….at least he hears the doorbell and my phone when I can be completely oblivious and locked in my thoughts….

When the sun comes from behind the clouds the colours change, to me that is a bit of magic and makes me happy, there is always a bit of the miraculous going on, though there are times when I have to give myself a sharp reminder.

I mention this because my teachings are all about positivity and such…I do try to follow my own advice but it’s not always easy. It was a good job I started the day well and serene, as the world news was not great and a bit depressing, never mind onward and upward as they say!

I think an early walk to the beach is indicted as the cloud is already rolling in and it’s only 9.30 am and I like to get the best of the day.

Now onward ……………….

For any issue

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