What is Healing with Intention, and you can I do it too?

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What happens when we use our intention in the context of healing?

We use intention in many ways, and it means that when we intend to do something, we have an aim or a goal, so our intention then is the same as our objective. But there are times when with the best will in the world our intention falls short of the target.

For instance, you arrange to meet a friend for lunch in town, you intend that you get the bus and meet at the set time…… the bus never turns up, so your meeting has to be rearranged. That doesn’t mean your intention was less valid, but it was scuppered by ‘life’. Setting our intention, or having good intentions, are all phrases that we use regularly, but in fact, often we mean that when circumstances allow, we may, just may, get to do it!

There is much more to Intention than you may think, there is scientific evidence that done in the right way, setting our intention can make energy healing work so much better. You may also already do this when using the Law of Attraction when you set out your thoughts with a clear goal in mind. So, healing with intention in this context is where we set our intention for the good of all and that vibration encompasses both the object of the healing and the healer.

You may have read Lynn McTaggart’s books, ‘The Intention Experiment’ or ‘The Power of Eight’.  She explains how our intention can lead to a deep connection with others and aid healing, not just the people who are being healed by intention, but those giving the healing with intention.

Since 2007, Lynne has worked with teams of scientists from prestigious universities and thousands of international readers from more than 100 countries, creating the world’s largest ‘global laboratory’ to test in some of the first controlled experiments on the power of mass intention.

I have been working with energy healing, EFT, nutritional therapy and dowsing for many years, and my work has progressed greatly as I have got older.  My healing now is done with intention in a specific manner, and here I will explain to you how. This is a typical format so you will see how it is done:

  • First, I make a connection with the person/animal with a photo, direct physical contact or online visual meeting. I will have already found out what the issues are, which areas of healing are applicable, and which other therapies are advised…..many go hand in hand to accomplish real change.
  • I dowse to see if my intention to heal is appropriate and safe for both parties ( I sometimes get a no response, which means that healing is not beneficial) and I stop there or wait for another time.
  • We then spend a few moments in deep breathing to quieten the mind, visualise the light, lift ourselves to that higher vibration and healing begins.
  • “I intend that (…..) responds well to the loving energies that I am sending “ or words to that effect.
  • At the end of the session, we connect again and talk through the emotions.
  • Obviously, if this is a pet I am working with, I don’t get much direct feedback, but the owner knows, and they are included in the healing to reduce their stress and emotional pain, so they tell me.
  • We both keep records of what happens so that as my daily healings continue remotely, we can see how progress is made.
  • Following that we review the other therapies that may be used, work out the time for another healing session, and onwards…!

Setting our intention to heal is powerful, love is powerful, add them together and we get the healing energies working in synchronicity.

Try this…..Say there is a person you don’t get on with, but you would like to change that relationship or the way it makes you feel and to be kinder and more accepting of their faults, as you see them.  So, bring your attention, and thoughts to the person for a few moments at the same time every day for a week, and send them feelings of tenderness with the intention that you are loving them more and your relationship will be kind and loving.

Or send love to a sickly-looking plant- “I give you love with the intention that you will thrive” every day for a week.

Keep a note of what you are doing so you can measure your success.

I hope you will use this type of intention to your advantage, try it and see how life can change

Diane – loving and healing, contact me if I can help you back to wholeness and balance


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I get asked ‘how many sessions will I need’ and it’s not easy to say before we start work, but I recommend three. One to get to understand the issues and learn the technique, two to get to the core and sort out the problems, and three, to sweep up the pieces, consolidate the learning and check that all is well!

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