Whatever happened to respect?

by | Nov 27, 2022 | a spiritual life

Every day we hear more tales of bullying, misogyny, and discrimination. The police and fire service, parliament, schools, and the workplace in general.

What is going on, where is respect, mutual respect for all? Whatever happened to the idea that teaching children that deference to adults and those who are responsible for them matters?

I am aware of course that children have been and still are, abused by adults, but that is not the majority whereas right now our society seems to be filled with contempt and denigration. When exploitation or violence against the young is found, then we must do everything we can to protect them and address the cause where we can.

Talking from experience I have been subject to bullying and yes, it is tough. Disrespect can damage us, but we can still take responsibility to get over it, and in time and with help we can.

Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), EDM or Hypnotherapy, practitioners can help us and our clients to overcome the reactions to trauma, because that is what it is, and learn a new way to think about it.

The trauma never goes away, as it was something that happened, but the body and mind develop a new reaction and it eventually stops the worry and the pain of remembering ceases.

Like most people over the age of fifty, I was also taught to have a healthy respect for the police, as they would be my friend in need and Doctors, nurses, and those who choose to serve us needed our thanks and support, not a barrage of verbal abuse.

To change the outcome of disrespect, we must change the source of the problem. Children and young people need to be taught that respect, including self-respect, is fundamental to our society and that being good-mannered and polite but not subservient or passive in the face of malevolent people, is a skill worth learning.

If you have experienced trauma in any form, get in touch and see how quickly we can reset your emotional distress back to happiness and inner peace.

Diane – fighting for the good of society and human rights but with respect and humility


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