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by | May 6, 2024 | a spiritual life, blessings, Wellness

It is spring, it is getting warmer, the days are longer and there will be a new moon on Wednesday 8th May.

Resonating with the moon is not just for hippie types or witches. I am neither and both, but I await each cycle with some reverence, turning to my crystals and books of folklore.

We have thirteen new moons in a year, one every four weeks or so, they don’t line up with the Gregorian calendar, the blue moon, being the odd one out, hence, once in a blue moon.

Lots of women will notice their cycle corresponds to the movement of the moon, it is powerful, it moves the waters of the earth, it pulls the tides in and out, it creates harmony and peace on the slack tide and yet can create storms of intense energy.

During the time of this moon, I will be travelling to Canada to visit my youngest son and family, the full moon will be on Thursday 6th June and the day I land back in England.

So, back to travelling days again, it’s been a while and now without my partner, but it will be fine, I will play on my age and have help when I need it.

Dream big, that makes life bigger, and happier. It is better than small dreams or no dreams. Set your goals so high they scare you.

Life is for living, fear is the only thing that will stop you from achieving what you want. It is liberating to be able to do what you want despite your age, or more importantly because of your age.

Travel that broadens the mind, will also give me time for contemplation, for being me again, with distractions only of people watching, of seeing new places and settling into the art of being in the now.

Diane…. happy moon watching until I return…love and kindness always xx




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