Pain is awful, constant pain can be excruciating!

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Before I talk about pain, I promised to tell you the results of Sheila’s issues: The background was in a previous blog about ‘travel’ if you would like to go back and find it…

Well, once again we worked through her timeline and discovered that as a child Sheila had been traumatised by her mother, nothing was ever right, she had been intimidated and browbeaten. Her mother died when Sheila was in her late teens and after the initial grief it was more of relief but, Sheila then took on her mother’s characteristics, it was all she knew.

It seemed, that Sheila’s ‘inner child’ was still suffering, so after working on that, and her penchant to criticise, she gained the knowledge of ‘why’ she was like she was, offering forgiveness and love to her inner child, we broke the chain of thought and reaction. EFT can do amazing things!

Now to pain; as we age, we will often get aches and pains, and we have been led to believe that it is OK and to be expected at “our age”.

In my experience, using certain techniques, we can take back control of our bodies and our minds and reduce, if not completely cure our pain.

Using a book I treasure, by Lise Bourbeau, ‘Your body’s telling you Love Yourself’, a large volume on metaphysical causes of illness and diseases, it enlightens the reader in seeing how and what is causing our discomfort or pain. It is all about how we think and how we can re-address the balance in our lives, mind, body, and spirit.

So, with a client who has pain, it is mostly attached to an illness, if this is not the case and the pain is caused by an accident for instance, then my only solution is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). A temporary but effective method of pain reduction.  For specific illnesses or diseases, pain is an indicator and not the cause.

Finding the cause may not be easy, for a person who is sick the last thing they want to do is talk and answer questions. Fortunately, I have other methods of diagnosis, one being dowsing and the other kinesiology, muscle testing. When I have found the cause, then once again EFT comes into force to clear the old energy pattern and reinforce the client’s inner healer.

Of course, I use my nutritional and allergy therapy background and in time the client will see the end of the pain and usually the illness itself. If it does not go completely, at least the client has less to worry about, and as we all know, we get what we think about.

Robert was a client some years ago, he had chronic arthritis and was always in pain. We narrowed the cause down to stress in his working life and as he was already 60 years old, he took early retirement. After a couple of sessions learning how to re-frame his thoughts and manage his pain, he took up golf and his arthritis never got any worse, it actually got much less of an issue, the medical professionals told him he was in remission. We know better!

Diane – loving the stuff I do

If you need any help with your well-being as you age, you know where to come.

For any issue

You may be interested to know that, if you have ANY issue that you are not able to cope with on your own, by contacting me we be able to sort it out together…

I get asked ‘how many sessions will I need’ and it’s not easy to say before we start work, but I recommend three. One to get to understand the issues and learn the technique, two to get to the core and sort out the problems, and three, to sweep up the pieces, consolidate the learning and check that all is well!

So contact me for more information.

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