Remembering what I thought I knew!

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Uncategorized

I have just had some crystals delivered; I has been browsing my crystal book and decided I need some more to increase my collection.

So now I have to give them labels or I shall not remember why I bought them!

Crystals feature in my energy healing but since I have moved and share my life with my partner, there is little time or space for me to meditate alone, and that is when I use crystals.

In fact, yesterday 31st May was the 6th anniversary of our move to live together, those years have gone so fast, too fast as we are both ageing now.

Partners new computer is being collected from our local techie today; he is loading all the stuff from the old one so I don’t have to do it…..I am the techie in this household and it takes too long with P getting frustrated…

Must be time for tea..

For any issue

You may be interested to know that, if you have ANY issue that you are not able to cope with on your own, by contacting me we be able to sort it out together…

I get asked ‘how many sessions will I need’ and it’s not easy to say before we start work, but I recommend three. One to get to understand the issues and learn the technique, two to get to the core and sort out the problems, and three, to sweep up the pieces, consolidate the learning and check that all is well!

So contact me for more information.

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