Six ways to happiness

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Six ways to make every day happy!

Hello everyone and rejoice, the days are getting longer, spring cannot be far away!

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This blog today is about how to find happiness and remain cheerful despite life getting in the way.

We have been going through some turmoil, which is none of our making, and in fact, there is nothing we can do about it either.

There may be a point at which we can make our feelings known, as in voting or emigrate (the latter is a joke…. on reflection maybe not!) but in the main, our everyday lives have very little to do with politics, conflicts, or wars.

That does not mean we don’t have to be concerned, but it can be overwhelming at times if we are constantly watching the media and hearing bad news. For some, the cost of living is a worry not to be taken lightly, we will all ‘feel the pinch’ sooner or later.

What we are able to do, is to learn the difference between what we can do to solve these issues and what we can’t. When that is sorted out in our minds, then the pressure is taken off, stress relieved and we can once again be more relaxed and happier.

We or not able to change the weather, nor can we personally, change the government of the day but what we can do to find happiness is:

  1. Look in the mirror, see those lines and grey hairs and be thankful for the years you have had and those to come
  2. Remember the happy times, the good memories
  3. Be like a child and look at the sky and marvel at its immensity
  4. Listen to the birds, the wind in the trees
  5. Take a walk outdoors and let Mother Nature restore your soul
  6. And most of all remember you are not alone

I know this will not solve the problems of the world or the economy, but it will put things back onto perspective. Remember to breathe, we sometimes can forget that our bodies hold tension and stress and of course, that can make us ill.

Breath and let it go, let it go, let it go…….

If you are still feeling sad, and alone, then contact me for a FREE chat to see what together we can do to set you back on the right path.

Blessings and love Diane

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