We can all have an emotional crisis…this was one of mine!

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We can all have an emotional crisis…this was one of mine!

As many of you know, I have a specialism working with women of a certain age, that in my book as anyone over fifty, we all need support and getting old often gives us more problems than we expect!

As we age, we gain experience and sometimes those occurrences leave us diminished and in emotional pain. The expectations of our lives have changed, if not right now, then very soon.

Do you think you would recognise an emotional crisis? You would think you would identify a time when your emotions were high or particularly low and do something to alleviate the problems that were causing it. Well, this is not always the case.

Some years ago, my husband died, it was expected he had Alzheimer’s, and I was ready for it, but I experienced unexpected emotions so deep and disturbing that I was unable to do anything but just survive for several months after his passing.

I had been a trained emotional therapist for about four years at that point, I thought I had a decent understanding of what to do, and how to cope, but no…..I was in a bad state.

This can happen to anyone, we feel trauma, we feel grief and most of all, we feel loss, the emptiness that is hard to describe.

Now there are many displaced people in the world, they feel the loss of home and family. Others are malnourished, starving, with a lack of food and clean water and are also feeling loss. Their trauma is more about lack of a future, no prospects, and very little hope of a decent life, a prospect of an early death haunts their waking hours.

How would you feel? What would you do?

Well, we always hope that these types of traumas never come our way, we may consider that our traumas will be much less damaging, but an accident or the death of somebody close to us can change us in an instant.

Going back to my situation, I had to work as most of us do, my coffers were low, and my clients were lacking, due to my attention being suspended. So, I was very happy to hear from a friend at the Alzheimer’s Society telling me that there was an elderly couple needing support and would I interested, as I had all the experience needed to do that kind of specialist care. I grabbed the opportunity and worked for them for several years, even when my business got considerably better and more lucrative.

By giving my love and compassion to others, and knowing how to manage my emotions, my pain diminished. My techniques now have been refined and tested with hundreds of clients and emotional maturity is gained.

It worked for me, what would work for you? If you are in any doubt, contact me for a chat and learn the ways to manage your emotional roller coaster!

Diane – always here for you, ageing well together

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You may be interested to know that, if you have ANY issue that you are not able to cope with on your own, by contacting me we be able to sort it out together…

I get asked ‘how many sessions will I need’ and it’s not easy to say before we start work, but I recommend three. One to get to understand the issues and learn the technique, two to get to the core and sort out the problems, and three, to sweep up the pieces, consolidate the learning and check that all is well!

So contact me for more information.

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