Winter solstice, Christmas, what’s next?

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Solstice Blessings and Happy Christmas to all my readers

… and welcome to the most interesting year to come.

In my view 2022 will be revealing, it will show up our personalities, good or bad, our failings and strengths, all to be revealed in the light of day.

We have all had a rough couple of years, and still, it’s the same. Covid 19 has disrupted our lives, ended many and created a void that can only be filled with love and kindness.

The Solstice this year was a powerful reminder that we are all rather insignificant, when we look at the night sky, really look, we can see that there is so much more than us.

Celebrating the return of the sun has been a principal of pagan tradition for centuries and before man-made light, we can understand why.

A cosmic phenomenon occurred on December 21st  this year, called “the great conjunction,” where Saturn and Jupiter, both of which could be seen with the naked eye, appeared extremely close to one another. It’s a WOW from me!

We are individually insignificant, just like grains of sand but every grain of sand is washed by the tides twice a day and deposited clean again on the beach, the moon moves the water in the sea with power beyond our imagination.

We also can be washed of our problems, our indiscretions and failings. Together our insignificance is turned into a band of people who care and hope for a better future. We can be anything as a body of compassionate and kind people, we can move mountains with love and show the world that there is a better way.

See the stars, and those we place on our Christmas Trees, they are a reminder of the need for light, as are the candles and the ceremony that links them. It is said in the Bible, the star of Bethlehem guided the Wise Men to the infant Jesus, the heavens above had been an influence in the lives of us human beings for forever it seems.

Give thanks for the gifts we have, the talents and skills, the love we all share and have a wonderful time with those you care about.

If that is not possible, know that I send you love and healing through the universal energy, you are shining like the very stars, the wings of angels hold you.  Keep this visualisation in your heart and this will help you find joy in living however tough it may be.

Light a candle, show gratitude for what you have and be the light that others need, that is a real gift…

Diane – I wish you good health, peace in your soul and happiness in your heart.

Much more to come, so watch out for my new blogs.

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